Facials and Advanced Skin Treatments


ProSkin 60

Your skin can change from month to month or even day to day, a ProSkin 60 treatment will be customised using professional grade actives to suit your skins needs on the day. Every treatment includes ultrasonic technology for enhanced exfoliation and improved texture and tone as well as well-being touches to elevate the experience.  

60 Minutes


ProSkinAdvanced 75

The advanced customised skin treatment.  A 75 minute skin treatment  using  advanced professional grade active products, and customised with enhanced technologies such as ultrasonic, LED or Microcurrent depending on your skins needs.

75 minutes


ProSkinUltimate 90

This 90 minute facial treatment is the ultimate in relaxation. A 20 minute touch therapy massage of your choice will be added to your Dermalogica skin treatment.  Choose from a specialised tension relieving  back massage, a scalp massage or a lower leg and foot massage.  The perfect compliment to your treatment  to relive tension and aid in relaxation.

90 minutes



This unique three acid chemical peel provides powerful resurfacing that is 100% tailored to your skin type and needs with no downtime or scarring. Designed to target the signs of aging, pigmentation, acne and dehydration. *A patch test is needed at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

1 treatment 40 minutes £55

Book a course of 3 treatment  £150

LED Light therapy

Dermalux flex is a medically certified LED phototherapy treatment delivering clinically proven light wavelengths to transform the skin without pain or downtime.

Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths boost collagen production, destroy acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

Each treatment lasts up to 30 mins.

Stand alone treatment  £40

Course of 8 £280

Add on to any skin treatment £25


Microneedling activates the skins repair process and collagen production.  This minimally invasive treatment uses the most advanced techniques and is elevated with a chemical peel to target dark spots, signs of ageing and uneven skin texture. Combined with Pro Restore, our recovery and firming concentrate that is designed to prepare the skins barrier, restore its condition, decrease downtime and amplify your microneedling results.  * A patch test is needed at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

60 minutes


Pro NanoInfusion

Pro NanoInfusion is an advanced treatment using resurfacing  actives and professional serums.  Tiny cones are used to maximise product penetration into the skin. Your skin will feel, energised and more luminous with no downtime.

60 minutes  £80


Luminfusion gives you an out of this world glow and luminosity to the skin. Treat dehydration, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles with a retinol peel and stacked exfoliation, active ingredients will be infused into the skin using NanoInfusion with no downtime and LED red light therapy will enhance the radiance and glow like never before.

90 minutes



The skin base microdermabrasion treatment consists of a fine jet of abrasive crystals that gently remove dead skin cells layer by layer while a vacuum action lifts away the debris, stimulating the blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin formation that results in firmer, revitalised and more youthful looking skin.  A course of treatments can reduce the appearance of acne scarring, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of an uneven skin tone.

Single Session 30 minutes £45

3 sessions £120

Radio Frequency Collagen Lift

The treatment of choice for firming, tightening and plumping the skin with no downtime.  Using radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen and elastin production for increased muscle tone, a more defined jawline and diminished fine lines.  A course of 6 treatments is recommended, followed by maintenance every 4-6 weeks .  *A patch test is needed at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

Full Face 60 minutes £75 – Course of 6 £410

Full Face and Neck 60 minutes  £85 – Course of 6 £470

Stomach 60 minutes £85 – Course of 6 £470

Collagen Lift Ultimate


Microdermabrasion and the Collagen Lift combination creates a luxurious, results-driven treatment with superior results. Microdermabrasion will resurface and refine the skin while Collagen lift will provide a deep rejuvenating and lifting action to reveal more youthful skin.
A great treatment to have before any up & coming events.

Single Session £110

Course of 6 £575

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

This treatment gently lifts, brightens, tones and re-educates the facial muscles, while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is rehydrated while tone and texture is improved, leaving the skin with a wonderful glow and a firmer appearance.  A course of 10 is recommended for maximum results followed by a monthly maintenance.

Single Session 60 minutes £65

Course of 10 x 60 minute sessions £550

Ultimate Rejuvenating Face Treatment 90 minutes

This CACI and Microdermabrasion combination treatment delivers amazing, instant results.  Skin resurfacing and muscle lifting in one treatment. This is not to be missed!


CACI Facial with Dermalogica Pro Power Peel 90 minutes

Similar to the Ultimate Rejuvenation treatment, a  Pro Power Peel before the CACI muscle toning delivers instant, glowing and firmer looking skin with a beautiful glow.


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