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Get the Skin Base Microdermabrasion facial-Beauty By Davinia Ashford Kent

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  • SkinBase logo Beauty by Davinia Ashford Kent

  • Get the skin base microdermabrasion facial in Ashford Kent.

    The Skin Base microdermabrasion facial is a safe, controlled treatment that intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. 

    It's the leading skin care treatment in the UK & Ireland for complete skin rejuvenation.

    The skin base facial consists of a fine jet of abrasive crystals that gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer and a vacuum action lifts away the debris, stimulating the blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin formation that results in firmer, revitalised and youthful looking skin.

    Wrinkles disappear

    Acne scarring is reduced and dull and tired skin is completely banished - sometimes after just one treatment.

    The effects of the microdermabrasion facial are usually seen after the first treatment.

    With ongoing improvements seen week after week during a course.

    I will perform an initial consultation and recommend a course length to you. 

    Usually, this will consist of 6 to 8 treatments, 7 to 10 days apart. 

    Skin problems such as acne or acne scarring, or deeper forehead wrinkles may require up to 20 weeks to achieve full improvements. 

    After a course is completed, a single monthly skin base facial will maintain your skin's improvements.

  • Single session £40
    3 sessions £105
    CACI and SkinBase combination 70mins £65



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    SkinBase four step facial Beauty by Davinia Ashford Kent

    How does it work?

    Step 1:   Client Consultation 

    I will determine your individual needs and devise a treatment plan to achieve the results that you require.  Treatments plans can vary from single 'beauty boost' treatments to courses of 6 to 20 treatments every 7 to 10 days.

    Step 2:  Cleanse

    A gel cleanser will be used to ensure that your skin is clean and dry before the treatment commences.  For male clients, ideally your face should be clean shaved the night before a treatment (this is not essential).  Dry, shaven and clean skin means that the abrasive compound can penetrate the skin unobstructed.

    Step 3: Treat and Target

    A wand delivering a fine jet of abrasive crystals will be passed over the skin.  Dead skin particles will be abraded away and a vacuum action will remove the debris.  This dual action will both resurface the skin and stimulate the blood flow, encouraging the skin to rejuvenate itself and produce collagen and elastin.  After passing across the skin area once, I will then target problem areas like open pores, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne scarring.

    Step 4:  Moisturise with SPF 

    After the treatment a simple moisturiser with a neutral pH (pH 4.5 - pH 7) and without any essential oils, AHA's, glycolics or retinol should be applied to replenish lost moisture and to prevent the skin becoming dry and peeling. 

    Sun damage can cause pigmentation and premature ageing of the skin.  After a skin base facial it is essential to protect the skin from excessive sun exposure by applying a moisturiser with an SPF.  This is especially true in the summer months and for clients that are having a skin base facial to treat pigmentation.  Failure to apply regular sun cream could cause the pigmentation to return.

    What Can It treat?

    SkinBase Microdermabrasion Beauty by Davinia Ashford Kent

    Experienced experts have been performing the microdermabrasion facial for more than 20 years, helping hundreds of clients feel fresher faced and radiant for longer. The skin base facial targets a whole multitude of ‘skin sins’, from stretch marks, fine lines, acne scarring and dull, tired skin.

    A correctly performed procedure by a fully trained skin base therapist will result in nothing more than the skin feeling tight, occasionally with a mild redness.  It is important therefore to use a good moisturiser with an SPF.  These effects will normally subside within 24 hours of the treatment.

    Even extremely rare adverse reactions caused by improper use are only temporary. They include mild bruising or swelling that will subside within no more than 72 hours.

    Sometimes the treatment can trigger a healing crisis in problematic skin, such as an acne breakout in acne sufferers or pimples for those with congested skin. 

    This is nothing to worry about and is in fact a sign that the treatment is taking effect - do not panic - this initial and temporary reaction will subside and great improvements will be seen over subsequent treatments.

    Higher intensities can cause an uneven lightening effect in darker skin tones. I will use a lower intensity treatment on these skin types.

    Worth Knowing

    SkinBase Microdermabrasion Beauty by Davinia Ashford Kent

    The skin base facial is non-invasive and painless with no recovery time.

    Treatments can be performed in as little as 30 minutes - even during a lunch break.

    There is virtually zero risk of allergic reaction and treatments can be tailor-made to all skin types and all skin tones.

    The treatment is affordable with immediate results and further results are achieved progressively during a course, with a treatment performed every 7-10 days.

    Unlike alternative treatments such as chemical peels or active creams, there is no risk of adverse reaction.

    There is no long-term damage to the skin associated with the facial. 

    The vacuum action offers improved elasticity and muscle tone, and stimulates natural collagen production keeping your skin at its best without introducing chemicals or other active ingredients.